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These guys know how to cut keys well but dont know how to program car keys with chips in them or remotes for cars very well. I have been to this locksmith twice, the first time was to program and cut a remote/key combo that I purchased on eBay. The first time they cut the key fine but couldnt program the remote because the locksmith said that all the doors werent locking correctly so he couldnt program the remote so what the locksmith did was he took the transponder from my old remote and put it into the new remotes casing. Ok I understood the first time because in the instructions that came with the remote it said that all doors have to be properly closed in order to get the remote programmed.

The second time I went for the same thing, to get a key/remote combo cut and programmed for a different car. The cutting process went well like the first time, Chirino himself cut the key then had his younger son try the key out in the vehicle to make sure it was working and to see if it had a chip inside. The key worked fine opening the doors, I sat inside of my vehicle watching the process as the younger son was getting errors from the computer that was hooked up to the car to remove the chip from the key so I turned on the ignition and the car started up fine, no programming needed. The younger son who was trying to setup the key with the car didnt know how to setup the remote so he asked me to wait for his older brother (a grown adult) who was going to program the remote for me. The older brother was the person who had done the cutting/programming on my first trip to this locksmith but this time around he couldnt program the remote either because he said that the 05 Nissan Sentra that I had was missing something that some Nissans for that year had and some others didnt have in the computer so I asked him if he could use the transponder from my old remote for the new remote/key combo like he did last time and he said that he couldnt because it didnt fit. I was bummed about the remote/key combo not being programmed because for my car I need to turn the alarm off with the remote before I can start the car but I figured whatever ill try to program it myself when I get home and I went back into the shop to pay for everything. The charge was for $45 to cut the key because the older brother said that the make/model of the key had a chip in it according to the books in his store. I thought $45 to cut a key? to myself in my head but figured well I have to pay him something for the job but thats a little high for a regular key cut so I just signed the receipt. On the way home though it really bugged me that I paid $45 to have a key cut if they couldnt even program the remote that came attached to it and the key itself didnt have a chip in it so I called the locksmith back. The locksmith was very rude and said that I agreed to the charges and that there was nothing that he could do. I proceeded to call my credit card company to say that I wouldnt accept the charges since he was being non-cooperative and we had the same discussion over the phone in a conference call with the credit card company. The credit card company said to get a 2nd opinion from another locksmith saying that there was no chip inside of the key and they would open a dispute ticket for me. I went to a second locksmith and the key did NOT have a chip inside like I said but the locksmith at Chirino kept insisting that it did when I tried to work things out with them for an incorrect charge. Its sad that I had to go through my credit card company because of this stores poor customer service.

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