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AAA Miami Locksmith
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217 NW 36th St
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 576-9320

Locked myself out again. They showed up fast and did not charge weekend rates like other local locksmiths do.

This place have big choice of keys, safe boxes and metal doors, the employees are friendly and the service is good with reasonable prices

Claudio Rivera at AAA Miami Locksmith was professional, knowledgeable and arrived on time. He was able to resolved the lock problem in a feel minutes on a Friday evening. I was able to make it to Happy Hour in time. Lol If you are looking for an after hour locksmith (24 hours) that is reliable, professional and shows up on time call AAA Locksmith.

Customer service was absent. Called to schedule a site visit to get quote earlier in the day with no problem. I conveyed the situation and was told they could & would take care of it. I left work early to meet the tech at the property only to be told by the evening supervisor that they could not help me due to it being late in the evening (6pm). I am annoyed that I wasted my time speaking with this company. Can I find a stand up company? This company The squatters had already been removed by the sheriff and were off the property (all of this information was explained to the rep that received my call). Everything was proper! I reached out to this company for their assistance in securing the property, however I received substandard customer service.I repeat, I EXPLAINED the situation in full detail and the services I required to the customer service rep early in the day. I kept nothing from the rep during the scheduling of service. I was annoyed that I left work early to meet their tech at the agreeded upon time but only to find no one from AAA Locksmith. I simple phone call to convey they would not accept the job or clarification to any question/ concelens would have been reasonable. I was a phone call away. There was a communication breakdown in this service request...the failure occurred with AAA Loxksmith.

Called this company to request a quote this morning from the technician about replacing a car door cylinder (or lock) for my car. Did not hear back from them since calling them 3 hours ago. I am guessing that they do not really need the business (since they are full) or do not want new business, which is very sad for a business because I would expect that you would always want more business I have since called other locksmiths and they are responsive within minutes and upfront. Sorry AAA, you have lost a customer and gained a bad review.

I tried to get a replacement key for my Toyota Corolla. I needed one with a remote. I went in advance and spoke to Jorge for a price. I was told to make an appointment 24 hours in advance. I called Thursday for Monday. Confirmed on Monday. 5 min before appt I get call to cancel. Rescheduled for Tuesday. Call to confirm. 20 min before appt I get a call about the key. Needless to say the tech was late and did not have the right key. No more wasting my time!

Ouch, guys. Avoid if at all possible. I was locked out my apartment around 2 AM, and had high hopes with AAA based on past Yelp reviews. I confirmed with a locksmith from AAA to meet me in 30ish minutes; acceptable for that time of night. However, after more than an hour and many unanswered calls later, I finally called another locksmith and, fortunately, got prompt and professional service. AAA not only never showed up, but stopped picking up their business phone. I have a highly disappointing call log of 11 unanswered calls (and voicemail) between 2 and 3 AM. If you're not able to service a customer, please have the guts to answer the phone. Disappointed. Now, this may not be a pervasive issue across the company or across all hours of the day, but definitely avoid AAA during nighttime hours.

This location is great. The service is so quick that you can't even right a long review because you don't spend that much time in here. Ha! Small location, parking is a little hard considering the area, but just park on the edge of the street wherever you can find a spot and jump right into the store. The employees are ready to get you in and out in no time. There are cool keys glued to the floor that gives the place some character. I recommend this place to everyone any chance I get and the price is reasonable.

Amazing, amazing service. I live in a residential building downtown that exclusively uses AAA Miami Locksmith for the entire building. My door frame, metal locking mechanism, and door were all experiencing various issues that precluded me from being able to lock my door. Their technician Rudy Castillo came to help me out, was quick, knowledgable, helpful, explained the process to me and taught me how to fix parts of the issue myself, and was absolutely fantastic. He's the reason that I will continue to use this company and will tell all my neighbors / friends about the top notch service i received. This is now the only locksmith service I plan to use in Miami, i highly recommend them, and I was more than satisfied with my experience.

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